It is never late to discover NORUNDA

Norunda launched their first album “Irruption”, in 2017. The album is a melodic prog trash metal with bluesy influences. Many independent reviews have placed “Irruption” in their Top 10 lists and it was widely reviewed around the world.

Songs have been composed in Hammaslahti near where Xyze Norunda (born Ruben) built his studio in the wild winter landscape. Some songs where jammed with veteran musician “Hannu Lihavainen” before the final recordings and finally the album was re-recorded in Spain and Portugal where Norunda toured with well known bands like The Haunted and Moonspell in some of the best venues in massive tours around the Iberian lands.

The video “Violent street” (filmed by Teemu Myöhänen and Sofia Niva) is a good example of how a song can rise from quite a sad mood to a frenetic dance and shows the progressive and melodic ways that can be enjoyed along the “Irruption” album.

Based in Finland, Norunda is preparing new releases that will be surprising you all. Be prepared!

Ruben Cuerdo – Vocals, Guitar
Pedro Mendes – Guitar
Marcelo Aires – Drums
Danny Luces – Bass live support
Ilja Koslonen – Bass live support

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